Reusable Hand Towels Make An Excellent Housewarming Present


My big brother just moved into his new pad and I found myself a lot more excited than I probably should’ve been!  Yeah, of course there was the typical,”Yeah!  I’m so excited for you!  Wow this space is awesome!” type of feelings but deep down I was just so friggin excited to make him stuff!  A legitimate excuse to make all sorts of awesome sewing creations, and who better to make them for than someone you love?!  I mean, honestly, I am truly blessed to have two of the most amazing siblings in the world and I just LOVE making stuff for them!

I’ve made my sister some reusable paper towels before as part of a thank-you-basket for hosting my baby shower and my brother thought they were the coolest idea.  So, I promised him I’d make him his very own when he moved into his new place.

Reusable Towels
Reusable Towels

Though these towels can be a bit time consuming, they are so worth making!  I’ll be making some for my home as well.  I’ll be saving money on paper towels and adding style and decor to my kitchen and/or bathrooms.

Interested in learning how to make these?  Let me know and I’ll show ya how!  I could always document the next batch I make if that’s something you’d like to know.  🙂