A Pirate Costume


My amazing hubby planned a dude’s weekend trip to Gasparilla Pirate Fest with some of his buddies.  Gasparilla is a fun pirate festival and since my hubby loves boating, he decided to be part of the pirate invasion this year with his own boat.  He asked me if I’d sew him a vest and pants for the trip.  🙂

Check it out!  Pirate Dre made his own boot covers, they are fabric cut to look like a boot leg and he put them over regular brown dress shoes.  Isn’t he so clever?

Pirate Dre VestI left the buttons off the vest because it was being decorated by belts and pirate gear (and I was running out of time!) but I think it came out pretty darn good!  I am a little obsessed with the fabric, it’s so soft and fancy.  Thankfully I still have a yard or so of it to play with.

In case you’re wondering, I used Butterick’s Historical Costume for the vest and pants.  I modified the vest front a bit for a bit of a more swoopy neckline and I extended the pants by 10 inches to ensure they were long enough to be covered by his boot covers.  All in all, I loved the pattern and it was easy to follow.


Sewing Pants for Baby


I’ve got so much to update my blog about!  What a whirl wind past few months.  One of the major milestones is that my amazing husband renovated our kitchen, it looks soooooo much better now, honestly better than I had ever hoped for.  With that project, I just got so caught up with everything house, kids and not to mention more renovation projects and then the holidays that I haven’t had much time to blog, but I sure have been sewing!

Yesterday, I started some pants for Silar.  He’s growing so fast and sure enough, he is almost out of the pattern sizes, so I thought, “Oh no, no no, we are making him some pants with these patterns darnnit!”  LOL…

The pattern I used was McCall’s M6016 and it truly was easy as the pattern states.  I used pattern F for the pants and am really pleased how they came out!  I can totally see myself making a ton of pants and shorts for Silar.  I’ve never made a shirt, as the sleeves kinda intimidate me but I’m the kind of girl who will try just about anything, so maybe one of my next goals will be a shirt from this pattern too.  Looks easy enough.  🙂

Didn’t the pants come out so cute?!

Robot Pants Cute Baby Rockin' Robot Pants