The Tardis Meets Towel

My friends recently celebrated their little boys 3rd birthday.  Yup, the big “3” and who would’ve thought that he could be a Whovian already.  This of course makes me so completely happy because I love Dr. Who and so does my own big boy.  We watch Dr. Who together all the time and I’ve made him Tardis pillow case before.  🙂

I was excited to give Ryan his birthday hooded towel, and even better I found the perfect Dr. Who font to use when embroidering his name.

Ryan opening his Tardis Hooded Towel

He loved it, thought it was so cool!  I, of course, had to take pics of him modeling it.

ryan-towel ryan-towel-back

I thought the Tardis was fitting for this little Whovian. He may be small but he definitely is “Bigger on the Inside”.

Close-up of Dr. Who Tardis hooded towel.
Close-up of Dr. Who Tardis hooded towel.