The Cutest Embroidered Baby Bibs

Are you guys ready for all the cuteness?!  Some of my more popular items in my Etsy shop are embroidered baby bibs.  I started making these for a local vendor fair I was attending.  Since most of my embroidery work is personalized or business logos, it can be hard to show up at a vendor fair with ready-made items to sell, so baby bibs were the perfect solution for me.

Below are the pics of my faves and most popular.  What’dya think?  My favorite are Diaper Loading and AB/CD!  🙂

Creative Stitch Embroidery

Hey ya’ll, it’s been a while, I know!  The holidays got the best of me, and I was doggone tired.  I’m better now, been keeping busy.  How’ve you been?!  🙂

After the holidays, I took some time to build my embroidery website.  It’s so fancy!  😀


I’ll be running most of my commercial and business embroidery off of that site, and keeping all the fun cute stuff over here on Suzy Sew Crafty.

If you have a moment to check out my site, or come on by to the Creative Stitch Embroidery Facebook page and give me a like, I’d love that!  🙂