A Baby Ring Sling With Pockets!

DIY Tutorial: Baby Ring Sling with Pockets

After reading how convenient and easy it is to make a ring sling, I have been so excited to make my own for baby Silar.  He just loves to be with me all the time, and I absolutely adore it but sometimes mama needs to get things done around the house!  So a ring sling was the perfect solution.  Not to mention that you can nurse the baby in a ring sling!!  What?!  That had me sold immediately!

Baby Silar having a little tummy time!
Baby Silar having a little tummy time!

I bought this beautiful material from my mom-in-law who is also an amazing seamstress.  She gave me an incredible deal on the fabric and what I love best about it is that the “wrong” side of the fabric looks just as beautiful as the “right” side.

Ring Sling Materials
Ring Sling Materials

I bought my sling rings from slingrings.com.  They are thoroughly tested to withstand a ton of weight and they come in all sorts of colors and a few varieties.  I would highly recommend them!  Here’s how I completed my sling:

First, I measured two and a quarter yards of fabric. (Side Note: 2.25 yards was a good length for a sling with no pocket, it could’ve even been shorter.  However, I decided to add a pocket AFTER my sling was done and I wish I had cut 2.5 yards of fabric so that I could fold the tail of the sling up and add the pocket at the end without having to top stitch it on.  That would’ve been a lot easier.)

My fabric was 60″ wide, wayyyy too wide.  In fact, if I cut it in half length-wise I could make TWO slings!

Now that I’ve got the fabric cut, I hemmed both long edges and one short edge.  The other short edge I left raw because that will be where I thread my sling through.  I then pleated the end with the raw edge and pinned them.  I then basted (running the sewing machine straight across without reverse stitching so the baste is easy to take out later.) the pleats and removed the pins.

Basting pleats to remove pins.
Basting pleats to remove pins.

After that I turned it over and pressed the raw edge.  Now, my fabric was thinner because I cut it earlier and my material was also pretty thin, so you may not be able to this with thicker fabric.

Folded raw edge so that the sling has a nice hem.
Folded raw edge so that the sling has a nice hem.

Then I threaded the sling through both rings, turned it over and matched the fabric side to side and stitched along the edge, and twice more for added security.

If you don’t want to add a pocket to your sling, then you are ALL DONE!! 😀 You can also watch the video below for a more in-depth look at how to make your sling, including the pleating and how to wear your sling!

Adding a pocket:

Ok, so as I mentioned earlier.  I cut 2.25 yards and decided to add a pocket after I completed the sling.  So the instructions I’m including are for a top-stitched pocket.

So after I finished the sling, I cut about a 7″ x 30″ piece of fabric and a 3″ x 30″ piece of fabric. I pressed in the edges to hem it nicely.  I then top stitched the side that would be open on the pockets to seal the hem and pinned the pocket fabric piece to the tail of the sling.  Followed by top stitching all three sides of the pocket onto the sling.  Voila, your pocket is attached!  After that you can create your compartments. I chose three, one smaller one and two larger ones.  I top stitched them to the sling and created my compartments.

After that I pinned the pocket cover to the tail, overlapping it slightly over the pockets so that I can attach snaps later.  I repeated the top stitching for the pocket cover.

Top stitched pocket cover onto sling.
Top stitched pocket cover onto sling.

Next up, I chose to add snaps to the pockets because I didn’t have any zippers handy.  I think it would be pretty cool with zippers too!  Maybe I’ll try that on the next one.  🙂

Choose where you want your snaps, and pull out a marking pen, spool of thread, hammer or mallet, and the snaps and get ready to rock and roll. (I also used some tools that I had on hand with the heavy duty snaps that I have but they really weren’t necessary.)

Tools to add snaps to pockets.
Tools to add snaps to pockets.

Once your snaps are fastened, you are all done!  😀  Now it’s time to wear your baby like I’m wearing mine now!  If you make the sling, feel free to let me know and show me your pics!  I’d love to see them!


13 Replies to “A Baby Ring Sling With Pockets!”

  1. Thanks for the wonderful tutorial! It was so easy to follow and I was able to make my granddaughter a ring sling out of athletic mesh fabric for swimming and these hot Texas summers! My daughter is going to be so thrilled!

    1. Hi Mary,
      So glad you liked the tutorial! 🙂 I am so happy that you made one for your granddaughter, your daughter is going to love it, and the mesh fabric is a perfect stretchy material to keep baby snug as a bug! Thanks for stopping by and sharing the great news. 🙂

  2. Very beginer sewer here, I have 2 sets of Sling Rings but I am struggling on a fabric choice. The rings are size large (Ifigured best to work with starting out) but what are some good fabric choices? TIA

    1. Hi Jennifer! Happy holidays! I would recommend something that has a slight stretch to it, a heavy knit that is closer to cotton would be best. I used cotton in mine and there wasn’t much of a stretch but it was nice and sturdy. Stay away from super stretchy knits as they do have a risk of tearing with wear.

    1. Hi Hannah,

      I bought the large ones but I think the medium would’ve been a better fit for the type of material I used. The large ones would be great if you had thicker material (like if it was a double sided sling with two layers) but if you go with a jersey material I’d recommend the medium ring. Best of luck on your ring sling!

  3. I made my sling! It turned out great! Thank you for your tutorial! I’m going to make another one with the double-sided fabric like you mentioned but I’m having a hard time finding it. What do you use??

    1. Hi Hannah! Congrats on making your ring sling! I’m super excited you made it! I used chiffon for the fabric in the tutorial, you could probably find some knit that has two pretty sides as well. Chiffon has a slight stretch to it and it’s a light-weight material. It wasn’t too hot and it held up great for the entire time I used the sling. 🙂

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