Introducing Big Bertha

I just love creating in my studio and it’s recently gotten a huge upgrade!!!  Check out this amazing machine I just purchased, it’s a used and older model, but it’s much loved and has been very well taken care of!  I’ve named her Big Bertha cause she’s Big, she’s powerful, she’s efficient, she’s multi-talented and she’s AMAZING!  🙂  I love, love, love her!

My new-to-me 15 needle commercial embroidery machine!!!!!
My new-to-me 15 needle commercial embroidery machine!!!!!

I’ve been day dreaming, saving all my pennies, and putting all my good vibes out there to make this dream come true.  Now, when I’m creating amazing shirts and garments I can do it so much faster!  Yup, this baby has 15 needles and is a work horse.  To put it into perspective, I’ve been working on a 1-needle machine since I’ve started doing embroidery.  Don’t get me wrong my 1-needle is great but having to change the colors of thread for each different color in a design could be very time consuming.  To add to that, Big Bertha can stitch up to 1200 stitches a minute versus the 1-needle, I’m generously estimating top speed to be at about 600 stitches per minute.  Sorry to get all technical on you but as you can tell, I’m super excited and now I’ll be even more efficient at doing what I love best!   😀

Here’s a quick video we took of Big Bertha working her magic.

Pretty awesome right?! I can’t wait to start sharing all the amazing things I create with her. Stay tuned friends!

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