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DIY Whale Softie using Tonic Living Fabrics

I got two beautiful fabric pieces from Tonic Living fabrics and I’m entering their contest to win $100 value of their gorgeous fabrics.  Fabrics are my love affair, I just CAN’T… GET…  ENOUGH…  Some might say I’m obsessed, or perhaps my hubby would say I’m addicted.  Hehehe… It’s TRUE!

So I am giving it my best, because I would love to add some more delicious Tonic Living fabrics to my collection.  I’m already day dreaming about, Lotus Lake, Porcelain  and Cross Section, Bluebonnet.  <3  …Sigh…  <3

I decided to create a whale softie for my little guy, Silar.


The two fabric pieces I got are such a great color combo, the orange polka dot and lime green chevron, YUM-MY!!!  You’ll note the baby wipe wrapping and jingle bells as well.  I’m adding them to the softie, I’m putting the crackling material on the fins and tail.  I also used a piece of the chevron as the whale’s eyes. I took some pics of the process of making the softie.  Below are a few pics of the whale before I put the stuffing in.  Isn’t he so cute?!

Crackling material on tail.
Whale put together.
Bottom of Whale

Once I stuffed him with fluff and bells, I sewed him up and named him Walter the Whale.  🙂  What do you think?

8-stuffed-whale 9-stuffed-whale 10-stuffed-whale 11-stuffed-whale13-stuffed-whale

I am really pleased at how Walter the Whale came out, the fabrics were so easy to work with and they are such a fun color combo.  A special thank you to Tonic Living for this fun opportunity to experience their fabrics and join their contest!

Wishing you all the best, Suzy





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