Why I Have a Worm Farm and You Should Too!

Hi folks! This post contains an affiliate link to the Worm Factory 360.  If you choose to buy one from the link provided below, I will receive a small percentage of the sale (at no extra cost to you).  This small commission helps me run and maintain this blog. The purpose of this post is NOT to sell you anything but only to tell you how much worm farming rocks!  Thanks!

Vermicomposting: Why I have a worm farm, and you should too! It’s been a long time coming, but this is something I’m so excited to tell you guys about.  I’ve been worm farming or rather, vermicomposting, for almost a year now.  When I started gardening last year I was determined not to make the same mistakes, so after much research I decided the most sustainable and eco-friendly/natural way I can garden and maintain that garden is through worm farming.  Sure, they may seem nasty but these little guys are a gardener’s best friend. 
worms-worthI wasn’t sure how well the worm compost would work for me or even if I could do it!  But I just felt so guilty throwing away scraps, and my hot compost bin wasn’t working, really it was just attracting pests, so I decided to start my worm farm.  I found really easy ways to make my own, but for my first worm bin I wanted to ensure success and didn’t want to take chances on messing up my own DIY bin.  What if my worms found a way to escape?  Or worst, they died!  So I ended up buying the Worm Factory 360 off Amazon and am so glad I did.  I had some gift cards I could apply to it so I ended up getting it for a steal.  It came with a ton of instructions and a book on vermicomposting that answers a ton of questions.  I still refer to it often, plus it came with really great supplies that I wouldn’t have thought of making my own – like a shovel, a scraper and a thermometer.  To me all that, plus the starter kit was totally worth it.

 I followed all the instructions that came with my snazzy new worm bin and set up my first tray.  At first I had it inside the house (don’t judge, they said I could in the videos.).  But that lasted less than a week, I ended up moving it outside in the shade, protected from rain.

Worm Factory 360

Worm Farm
I found a local guy who breeds worms for a living, I drove over to his farm (impressive btw) and bought 1.5 lbs of worms.

Ok, now I’m going to tell you how I got my amazing worm compost!  Ready?!  It’s SO EASY!

Worms doing what they do

This is a shot of my worm farm outside already in action.  You can see some scraps to the sides and some coconut coir to the right and newspaper around the scraps.  Worms are buried under there, just chillin’ minding their business, making my compost.

Below, are the extra kitchen scraps that I didn’t want to throw out.  I chopped them up kinda chunky-small and shredded some old junk mail and newspaper.  I set the food to the sides of the bin, leaving a space that has no fresh food so the worms are not smothered.  (Actively composting food can get hot, and worms need a cool place to move to in case it gets too hot for them.)

Feeding the WormsNext, cover up the worms with some damp newspaper. This helps keep critters out and the worms cool and happy.

Cover the worm bin up with damp newspaper.I learned the hard way, that keeping a worm bin outside has it’s challenges.  One morning I found my worm bin ransacked and toppled over, apparently a racoon or some other scavenger got to it eating the scraps and more than likely some of my worms.  So now I bungee cord the top on and have had no issues since.  You might also be wondering what that white dusty stuff is, that is Diatomaceous Earth and it is safe for worms but keeps the bad critters out like ants, beetles and other potential worm predators.  I had some red fire ants invade the worm bin at one point so I dusted it and got them outta there quick!

Bungee Cord The Worm Bin ShutHere’s a close up of the top of the bin.  It gives you some great tips on how to care for your worms and what they like and don’t like.

Worm Factory 360 - helpful tips
Worm Factory 360 – helpful tips

End result?  All those kitchen scraps and old newspaper turned into this pic below!!  The most amazing and nutritious compost!!!  Amazing right?!

The Most AMAZING Compost Ever!!
Wondering what worm compost can do for your garden??  Check out what it did for mine.  I’m not kidding, this is the first year of gardening that I have had a tremendous yield and tremendous success.  I only garden naturally, so I never use pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.  I give credit for last season’s plentiful harvest 100% to worm composting, regular watering and weeding.

My beautiful daughter holding her freshly picked harvest of carrots for the day. We ate it for dinner the same night! So yummy!
My beautiful daughter holding her freshly picked harvest of carrots for the day. We ate it for dinner the same night! So yummy!
Vine Riped Tomatoes
My gardening helper, picking these huge ‘maters.
Luscious tomatoes
Tomatoes ripening on the vine.
Freshly picked tomatoes from the vine. So delicious!
Eggplant harvest - over 20 eggplants on 4 plants because of worm compost! Amazing!
Eggplant harvest – over 20 eggplants on 4 plants because of worm compost! Amazing!
Lettuce Vertical DIY Garden - Seedlings starting to flourish.
Lettuce Vertical DIY Garden – Seedlings starting to flourish.

Pretty cool right?!  What do you think?  Comment below and if you worm farm, I’d love to hear about it too!   🙂

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  1. Ever since you first mentioned your worm farm to me, Suzy, I’ve been fascinated by the concept – – and this post is SO helpful for us newbies to help paint a picture of how it works, how to troubleshoot, and why it would be such a valuable asset for any gardener. Can’t wait to show this to my hubby, the green thumb in the family; he’s gonna be all over this!

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