Yummy Toddler Bites

Easy, delicious, toddler bites.  Healthy and filling!
Easy, delicious, toddler bites. Healthy and filling!

If your tot is anything like my little guy, fiercely independent and loves to eat, then these toddler bites will be perfect for you both!

I find myself always steaming veggies for him, then he doesn’t finish some of it, so today I took that extra steamed veggies, made a quick small batch of mashed potatoes (not too runny, a bit drier is better) and mashed them all together, and put into the fridge to chill while I got my little guy cleaned up and ready for his next adventure.

A bit later, I came back to my concoction and thinly diced up some ham and cheese, added that to the batch and rolled out small toddler sized balls.  I rolled these little guys in some bread crumbs and stuck it into the toaster oven for 15 mins at 350°.

I’m not kidding you, he ate them all!!!  And of course, all by himself.  Score!!!  I’ll def be making these again and thought I’d share.  🙂

You could also dip the potato balls into a scrambled egg before rolling into bread crumbs, but my little guy might have an egg allergy so I shied away from that option.


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